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  • 360 degrees

    An Australian company, 360 degrees offers a range of highly functional equipment for trekking, travel and expeditions.
    At 360 degrees you will find stainless steel bottles, double wall insulated bottles, insulated mugs and all the necessary accessories for the bivouac and for cooking (stove, pots, kitchen utensils, etc.).


  • Alpenheat

    Company specializing in heated equipment for outdoor sports.

    Offers a wide range of heated products:

    - heated gloves and undergloves

    - heated insoles

    - heated vest

    - boot dryers

  • Arctic Zone

    Arctic Zone is a Chicago-based company that designs soft-sided coolers, lunch bags and cooler bags.


  • Armytek

    Armytek is a Canadian manufacturer located in Ontario.
    With its experience and its engineers from the military, aeronautical and space industries, Armytek develops headlamps and tactical LED flashlights.

    The reputation of the brand in the world is well established! the lamps designed meet quality and reliability criteria. For this, Armytek uses high-performance optical and electronic components (CREE LEDs, etc.) to design its lamps. The lamps offer powerful and reliable lighting (white or warm light to choose from).

    Armytek lamps are intended for the military, special forces, firefighters, rescuers, cavers, hunters, divers and to all outdoor sports enthusiasts...

    Proof of quality and robustness, numerous patents have been filed by the manufacturer, Armytek lamps are guaranteed for 10 years and the manufacturer would like to point out that the lamps can be dropped from 10th floors and can be submerged up to 50 meters without any damage.


  • Arva

    Arva "Snow Safety Equipment" develops and manufactures state-of-the-art equipment for finding avalanche victims and more particularly DVAs (avalanche victim detectors).
    The Arva brand is recognized worldwide by enthusiasts and professional rescuers.

    On our e-shop you will find:

    - Digital and analogue avalanche victim detectors
    - Lightweight snow shovels , retractable and with different bucket sizes
    - Carbon and aluminum probes for leisure and competition
    - Backpacks dedicated to the practice of winter sports and mountain activities< br />- Airbag backpacks
    - Carrying accessories
    - Clothing to face the cold
    - Bivouac bags, survival blankets, first aid kits for skiers and hikers


  • Authentic Nutrition

    Based in Albertville in Savoie, Authentic Nutrition has been developing healthy food products with high nutritional value for more than 20 years for top athletes and amateurs.

    The range is broken down into products before exercise, for exercise and for recovery.

    You will find energy drinks (known as isotonic), nutritional bars, energy gels and drinks to promote recovery after long and intense physical activity. /or intense.

    Authentic Nutrition products are developed mainly by Emmanuelle Buisson, dietician nutritionist and passionate about outdoor and mountain sports.
    She works with the French Ski Federation.

    Authentic Nutrition respects strong values: precise specifications, professional expertise, a permanent search for efficiency and without forgetting the taste.

    The products are developed in collaboration with the greatest athletes, with the aim of improving performance with maximum comfort and without any risk to health.

    Authentic Nutrition is a French, local and ethical brand.

    The products:
    - they are of very high nutritional quality (see the comparative studies of Nicolas Aubineau, dietician nutritionist)
    - they are gluten-free, diuretic-free, caffeine-free and without additives harmful to the body
    - they have taste, are not acidic and do not have an overly sweet taste
    - they are assimilated by the body with unconstrained digestion (gastric and intestinal)
    - they comply with the AFNOR Anti-Doping Standard NF V94-001 (the only legislation in force in France)

  • Baouw Organic Nutrition

    Baouw: organic, healthy, responsible and delicious nutrition!

    Baouw is a French sports nutrition brand that respects the health of consumers, nature and producers.

    You will find at Baouw energy products (progressive energy), purees, bars, gels, designed from simple natural foods, in their raw state...< br />
    The Baouw concept is "bringing real cuisine to life, rather than chemistry", no product results from an industrial process with ultra-transformation of food.

    All the foods that make up Baouw products come from organic farming.
    Baouw has chosen natural sugar, that of fruit, unlike most nutrition brands, Baouw products have no added sugars.

    The manufacturing process of Baouw products is based on proximity to three production sites, two in the south of France and one in Catalonia.
    Baouw works with local partners.
    br />
    In an eco-responsible approach Baouw partners with as many B Corp certified companies as possible. This label certifies that the company meets societal and environmental requirements for governance as well as transparency.

    Baouw recipes are developed by Yoann Conte, two Michelin star chef in collaboration with Benoit Nave, nutritionist (* ), former high-level athlete, osteopath and coach of endurance athletes.

    * Benoit Nave holds the European diploma Micro-nutrition, Food, Prevention, Health at the Paris Descartes Faculty of Medicine

    The advantages of Baouw energy products:


    • No added sugars
    • Low GI ingredients
    • Lipids from quality (oilseeds & olive oil)

    The olive oil comes from the Kalamata region (Koroneiki variety), one of the richest in the world in polyphenols. It is a source of natural antioxidants, good for the body and conservation.


    • Gluten-free< br />• Lactose-free
    • Vegan
    • Alkaline ingredients


    • Simple and raw ingredients
    • Natural ingredients rich in micronutrients and antioxidants


    • Recipes that are out of the ordinary
    • The marriage of flavors thanks to the talent of two-star chef Yoann Conte
    • Original, high-quality ingredients
    • The widest range of savory vegetables on the market


    • Company committed to health and the planet
    • Products manufactured locally in France or in Catalonia, with a low carbon footprint
    • Origin of ingredients as close as possible (no air transport)
    • Raw, unrefined ingredients: fruits, vegetables, oilseeds, extra virgin olive oil from Kalamata
    • 100% organic products (as many fewer pesticides in nature and in our bodies)
    • Compliance with the nutritional charter (developed by the nutritionist Baouw)

  • Black Diamond

    Black Diamond Equipment is a manufacturer of climbing, mountaineering, skiing and outdoor equipment.
    The Salt Lake City-based company was founded in 1989.
    Black Diamond is recognized worldwide for offering high quality equipment.

  • BV Sport

    BV Sport is a French manufacturer of technical underwear with more particularly a wide range of compression/compression garments. These clothes are intended for practitioners of endurance sports (Trail, Running, etc.) and team sports.
    Located in Saint-Etienne, a few minutes from the Geoffroy Guichard stadium, BV Sport manufactures all of the ranges restraint/compression based on rigorous specifications defined by their research and development center in collaboration with sports doctors. The clothes are designed on circular knitting machines, this manufacturing technique allows a mastery of the pressures applied and the most precise cutting.

    You will find in our shop:

    - socks and compression sleeves
    - socks to promote recovery after exercise
    - multi-sport, hiking, running, trail and ski socks
    - underwear: shorts, short and long-sleeved technical tops, arm warmers
    - windproof jackets and accessories (gloves , beanies, caps, scarves, visors...)
    - ...

  • Bynolyt

    Bynolyt is a Dutch brand of binoculars that has existed for over 30 years.
    Bynolyt is seriously committed to the quality of its products and guarantees each of them for 25 years!


  • Camelbak

    Camelbak is an American company founded in 1988, known in particular for its hydration backpacks.
    The brand was born when Eidson made the first water bag using a tube connected to an "infusion" bag. The famous "Camelbak. This hydration device made the success of the company.
    Today Camelbak offers a complete range of backpacks, hydration bags and hydration belt for hiking, hiking, running, trail-running...
    A set of water bladders of different capacities is offered by the brand.
    Camelbak also has bottles, canisters and water purification systems.< br />
    www.camelbak. com

  • Chatex

    Company specializing in equipment for winter sports.

    Brand that offers equipment for skiing: ski and snowbaord covers.

  • Colltex

    Colltex is a world-renowned Swiss manufacturer of skins.
    Founded in 1948 in the canton of Glarus in the Glarus Alps near Mount Tödi, Colltex invented the first self-adhesive skin in 1968.
    In addition to the many innovations in fastening systems (camlock fastening), in 2014 Colltex developed a skin without glue, with an acrylate layer, Clariden adhesion. This technology allows quick handling and easy maintenance.

    You will find in the range:

    - Straight skins, to be cut or pre-cut (Ready Mix)
    - Skins for all skiing practices, 100% mohair or Mix (65% mohair/35% polyamide)
    - Skins with a traditional glue adhesive or Acrylate adhesion
    - Skins with stirrups mounted or as a roll
    - Skins in a complete set with Camlock rear hooks
    - All accessories for the maintenance of skins and spare parts


  • Deuter

    The Deuter company was born in 1898 in Augsburg-Oberhausen in Germany.
    The brand is now known worldwide by hikers for the quality of its bags. Deuter bags are among the most efficient on the market: Comfort, lightness, carrying, storage...

    The selection we offer you:

    - ACT Trail hiking bag range : day hike
    - ACT Lite hiking bags range: day hikes or for treks lasting several days
    - Aircontact and Aircontact Lite hiking bags range: treks lasting several days
    - Guide and Guide Lite range of mountaineering bags

  • ENO

    Based in Asheville, North Carolina, Eagles Nest Outfitters (ENO) develops high quality, comfortable hammocks and equipment for outdoor recreation.

    During the summer of 1999 , Eagles Nest Outfitters was founded out of a dream, hard work and a passion for adventure and travel. ENO started selling hammocks in a minivan at music festivals and community gatherings. Today, ENO has become a world famous company in the manufacture of hammocks. In parallel with its activity, ENO supports organizations that preserve the environment.

    You will find on our shop:
    - single and double hammocks
    - ultralight hammocks
    - mobile shelters, mosquito nets
    - stands and accessories for hammocks


  • Ferrino

    Ferrino is a recognized manufacturer of equipment for outdoor sports.
    Founded in 1870, the company is based in Turin.
    The range of equipment is broken down as follows:

    - hiking, mountain and winter sports clothing
    - backpacks for all activities: everyday, day hike, trekking, winter sports bags with or without airbag, mountaineering bags, travel bags
    - hydration equipment: water bottle belts, hydration bags
    - walking equipment: gaiters and poles
    - travel accessories: bags, cases, daypacks, banana bags, ...
    - sleeping bags, bag sheets, mats floor
    - tents (Lite, 3 season, 4 season, family)


  • Gambit

    Based in the Netherlands, the Gambit brand specializes in the manufacture of binoculars and optical equipment.

    You will find very high quality, compact binoculars with different magnifications.
    Binoculars that accompany you everywhere, hiking, hunting...

  • Garmin

    The company Garmin was created in 1989 in the United States.
    The brand offers high-tech devices with mainly watches and GPS for the practice of outdoor sports: hiking, trail running, cycling, navigation, mountaineering...

    At Garmin, we offer:

    - range of hiking GPS
    - range of GPS heart rate monitor watches

  • Grangers

    A British company, Grangers has been developing cleaning products for textiles, feather equipment and shoes since 1937.
    Very committed to the environment, Grangers designs eco-responsible cleaning products and manufactured without PFCs.
    In 2007, Grangers became the first brand in the world to receive bluesign accreditation.
    Since 2020, the brand has certified all of its OWP (Ocean Waste Plastic) packaging, all of its packaging is 100% recyclable.


  • Guidetti

    French manufacturer specializing in hiking, Nordic walking and trail running poles.

    Offers a wide range of hiking (summer/winter), Nordic walking and trail running poles.

    High quality aluminum or carbon poles.

  • Heatpaxx

    Manufacturer of disposable heaters.

  • hPa

    HPA is a French manufacturer that offers high quality and innovative equipment for fishing and a wide range of waterproof bags:
    - Fisherman's equipment: bags, luggage, storage, tools, clothing
    - Waterproof containers: bags, pouches, suitcases


  • Hydrapak

    Hydrapak, the Californian brand queen of hydration since 2001.

    If you practice high level sport, cycling, running, skiing, you have certainly heard of Hydrapak!

    Hydrapak has earned its reputation through state-of-the-art, performance-driven hydration solutions.

    As an industry leader in hydration, Hydrapak has partnered with leading outdoor brands like Salomon, Osprey, Dakine, Patagonia, Katadyn, Black Diamond, The North Face, Millet, Oxsitis, Thule...
    In collaboration with these brands, Hydrapak develops hydration products with meticulous attention to detail and fit to meet the purpose once the product integrated into the brand's equipment.

    You will find the following high-end hydration products:

    - hydration pockets (ultralight, robust, practical, isolated...)
    - flask (different volumes, with or without extension pipette)
    - storage tank
    - storage tank with filtration system
    - water bottles bottles and bottles made from recycled materials

    As a matter of quality, Hydrapak products are guaranteed for life.
    Many replacement accessories are available to ensure maximum product life.

  • Inov-8

    World famous for its running shoes, the Inov-8 brand was founded in 2003 by Wayne Edy in the hills of the British Lake District.
    Inov-8 offers shoes, clothing and equipment for trail-running, road running, hiking, training and indoor sports.
    Inov-8 shoes are recognized by practitioners for their performance: comfort, grip, durability...
    In 2018, Inov-8 launched the first shoes made of graphene, a material 200 times stronger than steel and elastic.


  • Jetboil

    Jetboil manufactures compact, portable and high performance stoves and cooking systems for outdoor activities, hiking and camping.

    In 2001 Dwight Aspinwall and Perry Dowst revolutionized the stove segment by developing a stove capable of boiling water in just 100 seconds.
    Jetboil stoves use containers with Fluxring technology based on a high-efficiency exchanger that cuts gas consumption in half compared to to a traditional cooking system.

    The range covers all needs, with lightweight and compact stoves, three and four seasons, for one or more people, quick boil and regulated stoves for cooking.

  • Kinetik

    Kinetik is a French company founded in 2009 that develops clothing and equipment for trail running and endurance sports.
    Focused on innovation with the aim of offering ever more efficient products for the most demanding Trail-Runners, Kinetik goes so far as to have specific materials manufactured.

    The brand message: "KINETIK is more than an , it's a way of life, an adventure, and the products we create are intended to give you maximum pleasure. Each member of the KINETIK team contributes to this, through its passion and in-depth knowledge of sport.This allows the brand and its products to evolve, to create new concepts, to discover new manufacturing processes which necessarily contribute to success and status. innovative product from KINETIK.
    You will find in the store:

    - upper and lower garments (jackets, underwear, shorts, tights, etc.)
    - sleeves calf compression
    - compression socks and socks
    - arm warmers
    - hydration packs
    - accessories (headbands, caps...)
    - Trail poles


  • Klymit

    Based in the United States, the manufacturer Klymit specializes in the development of sleeping equipment and accessories as well as outdoor equipment for the mountains and outdoor activities.
    Klymit offers many products patented, high quality and guaranteed for life.
    You will find in particular on our online store, a wide range of inflatable mattresses, light, compact, insulated from the ground and equipped with Klymit V technology which limits the circulation of the air in the chambers of the mattress and thus helps retain body heat.

  • Lacal

    Lacal Outdoor Products, a brand that offers technical and innovative products for outdoor activities and travel: hiking, trail-running, Nordic walking , camping...

    Lacal was born from the collaboration of Lake and Pascal Guidetti.
    Lake is an industrialist who lives in Ningbo in the Tianming mountains in eastern China . Lake has over twenty years of experience manufacturing outdoor products.

    Pascal Guidetti has been a renowned inventor and developer for decades in France, at the foot of the Vercors , near Grenoble. As an example, Pascal developed the automatic hiking poles that are still highly appreciated today by walkers and trekkers.
    Pascal brings his knowledge and experience to innovate and develop high quality products that go in the direction of what practitioners are looking for, products that are technical, easy to use but above all very reliable.
    Comfort and performance are fundamental concepts at Lacal.

    The Lacal range is made up of :
    - summer/winter, telescopic, foldable, monofilament and automatic hiking poles
    - camping and travel equipment
    - bivouac accessories
    < br />

  • Led Lenser

    Fabricant de lampes frontales et d'accessoires à led.
    Propose une large gamme de lampes frontales.

  • Lenz

    Austrian company specializing in high-tech heated equipment and warm merino wool clothing for winter.

    Lenz offers heated gloves, heated insoles and heated socks.

  • LifeStraw

    LifeStraw is a division of Vestergaard, a brand that operates under a business model of humanitarian entrepreneurship with the primary objective of producing solutions and products for disadvantaged people.
    Vestergaard is accredited by the WHO within the framework of the WHOPES program which makes it a supplier recognized for its competence and seriousness.

    LifeStraw, a major player in supplies for NGOs, has the mission of offering treatment systems for water (filtration and purification) with the goal that everyone has access to safe drinking water.

    In 1999, a plastic filter was able to eliminate Guinea worms present in the water to make it drinkable.

    In 2005, the LifeStraw® personal water filter evolved from the Guinea worm filter. It turns dirty water into drinking water.

    In 2013, a refillable water bottle incorporating LifeStraw® technology, was introduced as the first LifeStraw product targeting the outdoor drinking market in developed countries.

    Widely awarded, LifeStraw portable water treatment systems are used everywhere, in countries of the world where access to drinking water is difficult, in camps refugees, in areas of natural disasters as well as by hikers, campers and travellers.

    LifeStraw offers filter straws and gourds that eliminate 99.9999% of bacteria (E.Coli, cholera, salmonella…) and 99.99% of protozoan parasites (giardia, cryptosporidie…). Each product filters microplastics and reduces turbidity (suspended particle content).

    Two-stage filters consist of an activated carbon capsule that reduces chlorine and chemical agents (pesticides, herbicides , VOC).

    To provide access to drinking water for groups of people camping or in steep areas, the Mission LifeStraw high performance microbiological purifier tank is ideal.
    Mission LifeStraw system removes 99.999% of viruses (including Rotavirus, Hepatitis A), 99.999999% of bacteria (including E. coli, Salmonella) , 99.999% of parasites (including Giardia, Cryptosporidium), 99.999% of microplastics as well as silt, sand, and cloudiness.


  • Maglite

    Based in the United States, Maglite has been manufacturing flashlights since 1979. Known throughout the world for their qualities, Maglite flashlights are used by security guards, professional rescuers, the military, those practicing outdoor activities...

    You will find on the shop:
    - classic flashlights
    - keychain flashlights
    - Led flashlights
    - rechargeable flashlights


  • Midland

    Manufacturer of on-board cameras for outdoor and mountain activities.

    Offers a wide range of high-resolution on-board cameras.
    < /span>

  • Ortlieb

    A pioneer and number one in the field of waterproof luggage, the manufacturer ORTLIEB has been designing in Germany since the early 1980s, bags, backpacks and panniers that push the limits!

    Whether you're traveling, cycling, going to work or going on an expedition, you'll find Ortlieb products with waterproof properties to keep your equipment dry and dust-free.
    Ortlieb bags and panniers are high quality, ultra-functional, waterproof and built to last.

    Who hasn't heard of Ortlieb bike bags! Among cycling enthusiasts, the Ortlieb bicycle bag has a very good reputation, said that they are indestructible.

    In 1984, Hartmut Ortlieb, introduced high-frequency welding technology. The material is welded seamlessly. The seams, also welded, are as robust and waterproof as the materials that surround them. Thanks to this welding technique, ortlieb products meet the highest level of requirements in terms of water tightness (up to 100,000 mm) and dust resistance.
    All Ortlieb products are rated and rated to the international IP (Ingress Protection) standard.
    The highest protection class for Ortlieb bags is IP67.

    Comparison of the level of waterproofing of Ortlieb products with waterproof equipment used in the outdoors:

    Ortlieb equipment is designed with durable materials and developed so that it can be repaired.
    On the one hand, this brings added value, real user satisfaction and, on the other hand, it s part of an eco-responsible approach.
    In the event of a breakdown, the user will find a large number of easy-to-replace spare parts.

    The durability of he products are in Ortlieb's DNA, the products are guaranteed for 5 years.

    The Ortlieb after-sales service strives to give your bag a second life!
    It is contactable at the email address

    Ortlieb, a complete range of robust and waterproof bags:

    Bike bags
    - rear wheel bags
    - front wheel bags
    - handlebar bags
    - saddle bags
    - frame bags
    - pannier bags / bicycle boxes
    - bicycle baskets (for everyday use and for shopping)

    Bags backpacks
    - daypacks / messenger bags
    - for outdoor activities: hiking, biking, rafting, outdoor activities

    Travel bags< /strong>
    - carrying bags (Duffle)
    - rolling bags
    - shipping bags

    - tote bags
    - water bags / sinks transportable kitchen / tanks
    - protective pouches for electronic equipment (telephone, GPS), maps (hiking, road), and small equipment
    - luggage rack / mudguards

    Ortlieb also offers bicycle panniers and backpacks with "High Visibility" reflective elements, on foot or on a daily bike, increase your visibility for more safety!

  • Osprey

    Osprey was born in 1974 in California (Colorado). Osprey offers a complete range of hiking backpacks, for day hikes or for multi-day treks.
    The brand is recognized for its know-how and the quality of its bags.
    The hiking bags are guaranteed for life by the brand.
    After a major analysis of the performance of the brand's bags, we offer our customers a selection in which you will find what you are looking for!

  • Petzl

    Petzl is the world leader in climbing, mountaineering and caving equipment.

    Petzl is a French company based in Crolles, in the Grésivaudan valley, near Grenoble.

    World leader in climbing, mountaineering and caving equipment.

  • Polar

    Manufacturer of heart rate monitors for running;
    Offers a wide range of GPS heart rate monitor watches.

  • Powertraveller

    Manufacturer of backup chargers for outdoor and mountain activities.

    Offers a wide range of backup chargers to charge many devices 5V or 12V.
    Solar or battery chargers are offered by Powertraveller.

  • RFX Care

    Manufacturer of accessories for outdoor and mountain activities.

    Offers a wide range of reflective clothing for outdoor activities.

  • Sea To Summit

    Located in Western Australia in Perth and known worldwide, Sea To Summit develops and manufactures equipment for the outdoors, water sports and travel.
    The company is constantly innovating on criteria of technicality, lightness , compactness, durability and comfort.

    The range is available in around twenty categories:

    - Hammocks
    - Inflatable mattresses
    - Self-inflating mattresses< br />- Pillows
    - Bag sheets
    - Kitchen accessories
    - Solar shower and ropes
    - Gaiters
    - Hiking accessories
    - Overbags
    - Ponchos
    - Dry bags
    - Compression and storage bags
    - Hygiene accessories
    - Towels
    - Protection against insects< br />- Travel Accessories
    - Kayak Accessories
    - Tents


  • Sigg

    A renowned Swiss manufacturer in the world of trekking and mountaineering since 1908, Sigg offers a full range of aluminum and stainless steel water bottles, thermoses and hydration accessories.

    Sigg is:
    - very high quality manufacturing
    - production of 1000 units per hour
    - 19 people for a production of 2.5 million bottles per hour year
    - continuous testing of equipment and products
    - traceability inscribed in infrared on each bottle (reference, aluminium, assembly, colour....)
    - all SIGG bottles in aluminum are produced in Frauenfeld in Switzerland

    The Original, the lightest and most resistant reference aluminum water bottle on the market!
    100% recyclable, the Original is extruded from made from a single piece of pure, seamless aluminum and the rich colors are achieved through a solvent-free powder coating.
    The internal coating at low e of polyester does not alter the taste and is resistant to fruit acids and isotonic drinks. The aluminum is 0.7 mm thick compared to 0.4 mm on the competition.

  • Silva

    Silva is a Swedish company that was founded in 1933 by three entrepreneurial brothers. Orienteering enthusiasts, they invented the first compass in an oil bath characterized by perfectly stable needle rotation, the 1-2-3 Silva system was born!
    Since then Silva has developed outdoor equipment for sport, adventure and work. This top-of-the-range equipment withstands the most severe weather conditions.

    In recent years, Silva has won numerous awards for its innovative headlamps, which are now widely used by outdoor sports enthusiasts and of trail running. As a mark of quality, François D'haene, ultra-trailer and winner of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc several times, chose Silva for his headlamp in competition!

    The story of Silva in a few dates:

    1933 - the company was born with the invention of the first oil-baon compass
    1935 - creation of the first "Zeiler" headlamp
    1939 - manufacture of the first sighting mirror compass
    1981 - launch of the first instrument for marine navigation
    2008 - invention of intelligent technology for lighting lamps
    2009 - gain of the "Outdoor Industry Award" prize for the Silva Trail Runner headlamp
    2010 - winner of the "Outdoor Industry Award" prize for the Silva Ninox headlamp and winner of the "Ispo" prize for the Silva Cross Trail headlamp
    2016 - winner of the "Best in Test" award by Trail Running Magazine for the Trail Runner headlamp
    2018 - Silva celebrates 85 years of history

    Equipment for proposed by Silva:

    - outdoor and military compasses
    - binoculars
    - navigation compasses
    - waterproof backpacks
    - waterproof cases and card holders
    - hydration accessories, water bottle holders, hydration bags
    - lighting systems, headlamps
    - pedometers and curvimeters< br />- orientation markers and clamps
    - hiking poles


  • SkiTrab

    Ski Trab, a renowned brand in the world of ski mountaineering and ski touring.
    Skis "made in bormio" since 1946.
    The factory Ski Trab is located in Bormio in Italy, a town located in Lombardy in the province of Sondrio and more particularly in the Stelvio National Park.

    In 1946, Giacomo Trabucchi manufactured his first pair of wooden skis mountain for his brothers and himself.

    In 1970, the first cross-country skis were born.

    Over the years, Ski trab has constantly developed with the aim of producing skis that are light, fast but above all with the best skiability. To do this, Ski Trab relies on its know-how but above all on coordinated work between designers, technicians, operators and athletes. The feedback from alpine guides and champions has an important place in the development of products.

    The skis are designed with very high technical quality and cutting-edge technologies. Skis are made by assembling several layers.

    At Ski Trab we find two technologies:

    - Aramid technology

    The ultralight core composed of aramid (Aramid , Light-Wood, Ash) represents the best strength/lightness ratio available on the market today.

    - Liwood Air technology

    The core is composed of light wood and harder but flexible wood (ash). This assembly provides torsional stiffness and durability. The air ducts between the wood sections make the ski lighter without compromising the structure.
    This technology is one of the best solutions for the manufacture of touring skis.

    Besides skis, you can also find in the Ski Trab range:

    - bindings with accessories (stopper, knives)
    - skins
    - carbon poles for the ski mountaineering competition and poles in Ergal (Alu 7075) for hiking and free-touring
    - accessories: helmets, backpacks, shoe bags, ski bag, textile (gloves, headbands, beanies...)


  • Snowline

    Founded in 1991, the Korean manufacturer Snowline develops high quality "Chainsen" chain crampons for professionals, athletes and the general public.
    The range includes crampons for everyday use, running , trail running, winter hiking, Nordic walking, working in the resort...


  • SOL

    Founded in 1973, Survive Outdoors Longer manufactures high quality survival products:
    - survival kits
    - survival blankets
    - signaling and emergency accessories (whistle, signal mirror...)
    - firelighters
    - treatments against stings and burns
    - protection against insects

    You will find compact, light and waterproof products to leave safely!

  • Sunslice

    A human-sized company, Sunslice develops (renewable) energy production systems to power devices in isolated environments.

    Hikers, cyclists or campers, you will find solar generators with or without storage battery, of different powers to meet your needs.

  • Thermosoles

    Austrian brand specializing in heated equipment.

    Offers a wide range of heated products for winter:

    - heated gloves

    - heated insoles

  • Thyo

    Thyo is a French manufacturer with over 45 years of unique know-how in technical sports socks.
    Thyo offers a wide range of socks:
    - Trekking socks
    - Running socks
    - Trail socks
    - Outdoor and multi-sport socks
    - Socks for winter sports (skiing, snowboarding, etc.)

    The brand's know-how is broken down into 4 categories of socks with exclusive patented models:
    1) Thyo Pody Air socks: hyper breathability, ventilation
    2) Thyo socks La Double: anti-heating, anti-blister
    3) Thyo Energy Run socks: muscle support, venous tone
    4) Thyo Thermo-Active socks: protection, insulation, regulation thermal

    Many models are developed with sports podiatrists and in partnership with professional athletes.
    For example, the Pody Air range was designed in collaboration ation with Maud Gaubert, the 2011 Trail world champion.

  • TORQ

    TORQ - Performance Nutrition & Dietetics

    TORQ is a high performance nutrition brand aimed primarily at endurance sports and fitness.

    One of the UK's oldest and most widely used nutrition brands on the competition market.
    Highly valued and respected by practitioners, TORQ has proven its worth in the field , its roots being rooted in sports nutrition advice.

    Research is the key and the philosophy of the brand, developing healthy and tasty products based on 100% natural, high-performance, functional ingredients. and where possible certified organic "Soil Association" source.
    Developed products have no artificial sweeteners, colors and flavors.

    TORQ products are also available in a vegan format for those who prefer a plant-based diet.

    TORQ products comply with the international ISO17025 (anti-doping) standard for the presence of prohibited substances.

    For ease of use of TORQ energy products and for optimum performance, TORQ has created the TORQ Fueling System and TORQ Recovery System concepts.

    These systems TORQ guides you to consume the right product with the right dose, at the right time to ensure faster fueling, maximum performance, optimal recovery and minimizing any gastric stress.

    The TORQ Fueling concept System consists of using between one and three TORQ units, one unit equivalent to 30g of multiple transportable carbohydrates, depending on activity (recreational, intermediate, competition) and weather conditions.

    If the weather is hot or your sweat rate is high, consume TORQ Energy drink units (500ml) instead, you hydrate your body by integrating both water and electrolytes with your carbohydrates.< br />
    In cooler weather, it makes more sense to consume TORQ units as gels or bars.

    The TORQ unit:

    Composition of the TORQ range:

    - energy drinks - without or with caffeine
    - energy gels - without or with caffeine (guarana)
    - energy bars - Organic and vegan
    - hydrating drinks
    - recovery drinks
    - pre-race meal
    - dietary supplements

  • TSL Outdoor

    TSL Outdoor is a French company founded in 1981 and based in Haute-Savoie.
    World leader in snowshoeing.

    TSL offers a whole range of equipment for sports outdoor: snowshoes, shoes, backpack, telescopic poles, headlamps, gaiters, Nordic walking poles...

  • TwoNav

    TwoNav: portable GPS for hiking, biking and marine use.

    Offers a wide range of high quality hiking GPS.

  • UCO

    UCO stands for "Utility, Comfort, Originality".
    Based in the United States in the suburbs of Seattle, UCO GEAR has been offering equipment for outdoor recreation for more than 40 years:
    < br />- vintage headlamps and lanterns
    - Stormproof matches and long-lasting candles
    - camping equipment
    - kitchen accessories


  • Wantalis

    French manufacturer of accessories for outdoor and mountain activities.

    Offers a wide range of equipment for mountain activities.< br />

  • Woolpower

    Woolpower AB is a Swedish company founded in 1969 in Ostersund.

    Woolpower specializes in the manufacture of underwear, socks, and Ullfrotté wool (merino wool) insulated garments.

    100% Swedish made. All Woolpower products are produced by Woolpower AB in Östersund, from the first yarn to the finished product. Since the start of production in 1972, all manufacturing operations have been carried out in Östersund. The fine merino wool used in the garments comes from merino sheep raised in Patagonia (Argentina). The dyeing and spinning of the wool
    is carried out in a spinning mill in Germany.

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